Genesis to Revelation Minor Prophets Leader Guide

A Comprehensive Verse-by-Verse Exploration of the Bible

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Genesis to Revelation Minor Prophets Leader Guide
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Published June 2019

One Abingdon’s most beloved studies of the Bible has been updated!

What does the Bible say? What does it mean? How does it relate to my life? Genesis to Revelation, a comprehensive, verse-by-verse, book-by-book study of the Bible, will strengthen your understanding and appreciation of the Scripture by helping you engage on these three levels. Newly revised, these Abingdon classics are based on the NIV translation and are presented in an easy-to-read format. Each of the volumes includes thirteen sessions.

Study the books of Jeremiah and Lamentation, beginning with some reference articles and timelines to help better under Jeremiah, and then moving through Lamentations. Some of the major ideas explored are: speaking for God, desire for revenge, being angry with God, covenants, human nature, what to hope in, and power. The meaning of the selected passages is made clear by considering such aspects as ancient customs, locations of places, and the meanings of words. The simple format makes the study easy to use. Includes maps and glossary with key pronunciation helps.
The Leader Guide includes the additional information you need to lead:

A verse-by-verse, in-depth look at the Scriptures.
Background material, including word studies and history of the biblical setting.
Answers to questions asked in the Participant Book.
Application of the Scripture to daily life situations.
Discussion suggestions.
A variety of study options.
Practical tips for leaders to use.

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