Now That You're A Youth Leader

How to Handle the Challenging Yet Rewarding First Years of Youth Ministry

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Now That You're A Youth Leader
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Published August 2018

Now that You're a Youth Leader will give you all the basics you need to know to be successful in youth ministry. You'll find practical answers to questions like how do I lead a small group? How do I plan a retreat? What are the common big mistakes I need to be careful to avoid? And how do I do all this without burning out?

Author Jeremy Steele remembers exactly what it felt like being new to youth ministry. In this book he answers real questions posed by beginning youth ministers and addresses all the nuts-and-bolts of everything from counseling a teen to preparing a budget. 

You can feel confident that you, the volunteers, and the staff who read this book will have most of the answers to the common beginner questions in youth ministry.

About the Author

Jeremy Steele

Jeremy is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and a UMC leader in the youth ministry space. He has had hundreds of articles published through various outlets some of which include a monthly article in the official UMC publication (Interpreter), monthly articles in myCOM, Group magazine, and others. Jeremy has written curriculum for four general church agencies including the official sexuality resource for youth. Jeremy has written a book Called Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry that helps Wesleyan youth workers see how our history and theology inform ministry practice.