NRSV Children's Bible Hardcover

Book - Hardback
NRSV Children's Bible Hardcover
Hardback ISBN: 9781501858758
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Published March 2018

A new cover revitalizes this classic NRSV children’s Bible.

For adult readers of the NRSV who want a consistent Bible-reading experience for the children in their home or church, this NRSV Children’s Bible is one that kids 8 to 12 will enjoy reading.

Children will:
• memorize key verses of Scripture that will stay with them for a lifetime,
• learn and understand the will and attributes of God,
• continue to seek and align their life to God's will,
• learn about people and places of the Bible,
• learn to apply the Scripture in their lives today.

This new NRSV for children contains callouts that provide content designed to enhance the NRSV text. Icons draw attention to the specific types of callouts.

• PATH—The will of God, God's words, the message of Jesus.
• COMPASS—What the Bible says about how to align your life with God's will.
• FLASHLIGHT—Key verses worth memorizing.
• POINT SIGN—Facts about the Bible lands and life in Bible times.