Holy Contradictions

What's Next for the People Called United Methodists

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Holy Contradictions
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Published February 2018

How might United Methodists bear witness to graceful and mutually respectful ways of living in the Wesleyan tradition amid enduring disagreements about same-gender relationships and related church practices?

The contributors engage the question by asking themselves:
• How do I approach this question in light of my particular social location?
• What do I believe is most at stake, most at risk, and most needed at this time in the life of The UMC?
• How does my understanding of scripture and our theological task shape how I envision how we might best live into the future?

"Jesus always shows up with people caught in the seams and shadows of life, in the life-altering inversions of life, in the confounding contradictions of life. Jesus taught, preached, blessed, healed, and challenged the status quo from these very platforms. That is what made them holy. Why would we lack any faith that Jesus is now speaking to The UMC, in this moment, through the great contradictions about homosexuality and biblical interpretation reflected in these essays? This is a holy moment. These are holy contradictions. Let us listen. Let us have eyes to see. Let us reflect the best of our holiness tradition—hearts bent toward love and grace." —Bruce R. Ough, President, Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church

“Can we have a conversation? Can we come to respect, appreciate, and even learn from the sincerity of those who understand human sexuality and the church's ministry differently? In this book people from across the varied theological spectrum of United Methodism share candidly from their heart. If you are concerned with our witness and future as United Methodists, Holy Contradictions will deepen the conversations you are having.” --Christian Alsted, Bishop, The Nordic and Baltic Area, The United Methodist Church

From the Faultlines collection, resources intended to inform conversations around human sexuality and the church.