Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2019 WHOOOSH Music CD

Take Flight to Where God Leads You!

Mixed Media
Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2019 WHOOOSH Music CD
Mixed Media ISBN: 9781501868993
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Published January 2019

On the WHOOOSH Music CD, contemporary hip-hop music and new versions of traditional songs bring generations together with new music from Christian hip-hop artist Ricky B. (Frederick Burchell), and new music and arrangements by Roderick Vester.

CD contains all Music, Accompaniment Tracks, and Learning Tracks.

1. By Faith by Frederick Burchell 
2. Jacob's Ladder by Frederick Burchell
3. My God Is Awesome by Charles Jenkins, Arranged by Roderick Vester
4. Crossed the River by Frederick Burchell
5. Wade/Come and Go/Promised Land Medley, Arranged by Roderick Vester
6. Praise the Lord! by Frederick Burchell
7. Psalm 149 by Mary Lou Williams, Arranged by Roderick Vester
8. Prayer for a Place, Words by Marilyn E. Thornton, Music by Roderick Vester
9. Rebuild by Frederick Burchell
10. I'm Gonna Live So, Arranged by Roderick Vester
11. Christ Is the Cornerstone Words by Frederick Burchell and Marilyn E. Thornton, Music by Frederick Burchell