Buried Dreams

From Devastating Loss to Unimaginable Hope

By Lindsey R. Dennis Published
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Finding hope when faced with the devastating loss of your most precious dreams.

At 20 weeks pregnant, Lindsey Dennis and her husband were told the child she was carrying would not live due to a fatal diagnosis. Later, in another stunning blow, they were told the same news with her second pregnancy. They chose to celebrate both lives alongside a community, both local and online, of hundreds of thousands as she carried each child to term only to bury them 14 months apart from each other.

Through the crushing of their hopes and dreams, they came to know the kind of resurrection hope that can rise from the grave. This experience of infant loss revealed to Dennis how sorrow and suffering are instruments in the hands of God to forge in us a greater joy and hope than one can ever know. This kind of joy can only be discovered when we walk through the deep pain of burying our most precious dreams.

Buried Dreams offers an uplifting perspective, sharing how devastating loss of personal dreams can give way to unimaginable hope and how death can give way to life. Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with biblical perspective, Dennis highlights that we can never plan for the unexpected turns of this life that sometimes lead to great personal suffering, but we can reach for the One who is there with us in the loss.


Praise for Buried Dreams

“I was one of thousands who followed Lindsey and Kevin Dennis on their journey of joy, dashed hope, devastating loss, then courageous trust not once but twice. Their honesty and vulnerability were remarkable and inspiring through such difficult times. Their willingness to continue to believe God’s love and goodness as their anticipation of new life turned into the death of their dreams will help many to navigate great losses in their own lives. You will weep with them and stand amazed at the depth of their faith. You will be touched—and changed.”
—Judy Douglass, writer, speaker, director at Women’s Resources at Cru

“Death is all wrong. God never intended that we die, and one day death will be no more. But until then everyone lives with its shadow. Lindsey has been to death’s door with two newborn daughters and, there, has found the wonder of God’s all sufficiency, His comforting presence, and the hope He alone can offer us in our darkest days. Adoration, worship, and peace arise in our hearts when we experience the good He can bring out of devastating loss.
—Barbara Rainey, author of A Symphony in the Dark and Letters to My Daughters; founder of Ever Thine Home

“Lindsey captures hard-won truths found in the places of loss, grief, and questions without answers and weaves in lessons learned through her study of God’s Word. This book offers comfort and hope to those who walk the road of suffering and offers insights for those who seek to be companions on the journey. A beautiful tribute to life, community, and ultimately the God who can be trusted.”
—Vivian Mabuni, speaker and author of Warrior in Pink

“This book will make you smile, cry, and laugh and make you fist pump for how big our God is to use such tiny little girls to share His story. Sophie and Dasah were such remarkable little girls. I think they got it from their brave mommy who has blessed us all by sharing their story with us. Lindsey Dennis will captivate your heart with her bravery, knowledge of the Word, and sincere love for our Lord.”
—Jennafer White, author of Be Love

“In all of my life so far I have never traveled with a couple who have more beautifully embraced grief in unthinkable tragedy and brutality of life while simultaneously fully embracing hope in the beauty of God’s redemption story. Kevin and Lindsey have lived between worlds in the profound and impossible space where grief and hope coexist. You will find in these pages a true story that your heart will deeply connect with and where you will be profoundly transformed.”
—Renaut van der Riet, lead pastor at Mosaic Church

“Expect to be completely drawn into this true and life-changing story! Unhindered vulnerability, honest thoughts, questions, and feelings will be raised. Then, just when you start wondering how to address them, the truth is brought into the discussion to guide you forward. Every chapter will leave you wanting to read the next as you discover that there is hope in the midst of buried dreams.”
—Michael Parrott, DMin, founder of His Heart, My Heart Transformations

“What a beautiful book. And I say beautiful because there is a special beauty to hope and confidence in God that shines in and through the darkest places of life. There is beauty in the love expressed, beauty in the words chosen, and beauty in truths taken hold of and offered to all in this book.”
—Nancy Guthrie, author of Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow

“What does it look like for God to meet you in your darkest night, your deepest ravine? You hold the answer in your hands. This story delicately holds hope and lament, fear and faith, and life and death together. And isn’t that the story of the cross? An invitation to know joy in the center of suffering? I didn’t want to miss a single page of how these buried dreams became living treasures. My faith grew deeper because of the brutal and yet beautiful depths of this journey. Thank you, Lindsey, for courageously telling your story.”
—Amy Seiffert, author of Chin Up: Wearing Grace, Strength, and Dignity When Motherhood Unravels Our Souls

“Lindsey Dennis is the real deal. She is a woman who has walked the journey always with a heart steadfast in the Lord and His promises despite the grief, pain, and loss of the journey. Sisterhood had the privilege of hosting Lindsey as our keynote speaker in Australia when she was in the middle of this journey. The message she shared was inspiring and gave hope to so many women. I know that every single person who reads her words will be inspired, encouraged, and renewed in what it means to live with a hope that does not disappoint. I feel so blessed to call Lindsey a friend and it has been a joy and privilege to walk with her and be a part of her journey.”
—Karen Doyle, author, speaker and cofounder of Sisterhood Womens Movement Australia and Choicez Media.

About the Author

Lindsey R. Dennis

Lindsey R. Dennis has worked with Cru International for over 15 years. She has served in international locations, as well as universities in the States. Within a few weeks of learning the news of her first daughters’ diagnosis, Dennis began to blog about her unfolding story of hope and loss. Within the first week she had thousands of views and within a couple of years, she has had 1.5 million page views and 400,000 unique visitors. She lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, son, and new baby daughter. You can read her blog at vaporandmist.com.