Resenting God

Escape the Downward Spiral of Blame

By John I. Snyder Published
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Find freedom from the bondage of hatred and resentment.In our current social climate of growing distrust and escalation of hatred and personal losses, resentment and anger are on the rise. Resenting God offers the time-tested exit route from the lethal clutches of bitterness into a life of joyful faith and hope in a loving and gracious God. It exposes how resentment and disillusionment, leading inevitably to other destructive emotions, is a great deluder and is itself often based upon a great delusion—resentment against the Creator himself. We are blamers, and we blame God for life’s most painful and depressing experiences.
We’ve all been there or are there. It can strike any person, anytime, anywhere. If we let down our guard and begin to give in to it, we’ll be pulled into a powerful downward spiral that we can’t escape by our own strength. We find ourselves asking: How can I forgive when the pain is so great? Does forgiving mean I have to forget the past? What if I choose not to forgive?
Snyder discusses the causes and consequences of resentment, and the cures for resentment against God. Ultimately, the way out comes in knowing who God is and realizing that far from abandoning us in our hard times, he is the one who rescues us.


—Rev. Dr. Paul G. Watermulder, Board of Directors, The Presbyterian Outlook magazine

"Resenting God explains in lay terms how Reformed theology and Object Relations psychology together inform how believers form an understanding of what God is like. It examines how people project human traits onto God and explores healthier ways to experience the reality of God in their lives.”

—Rev. Susan L. DeHoff, PhD, author of Psychosis or Mystical Religious Experience?

“A thought-provoking, inspired read by a missionary who himself has faced trials and tribulations and yet lives in a humble, joyful poise toward God and neighbor.”

—Rev. Dr. Henry J. Hansen, Senior Pastor, Bidwell Presbyterian Church, Chico, CA

“If you’re burdened by resentment, bitterness, and blame and want to live a positive life, you will want to read Resenting God. ‘God is never less than we imagine him to be, but always more.’ I highly recommend it!” —Gregg Bissonette, Grammy Award–winning musician

“Every person should have a John Snyder in their life. Resenting God will become one of my annual reads, no matter what is going on in my life.”

—Judith Briles, author of When God Says NO

“Many books have been dedicated to encouragement for hard moments, but what makes this one standout is Snyder’s understanding of the anatomy of those low points.”

—Matt Whitman, Pastor of Free Church in Lander, Wyoming; host of the podcasts The Ten Minute Bible Hour, History Nugget, and No Dumb Question

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John I. Snyder

Dr. John I. Snyder is author of Resenting God and Your 100 Day Prayer. As an ordained Presbyterian pastor, John has served congregations in the United States and planted churches in California and Switzerland. He is the advisor and lead author for theology and culture blog Theology Mix (, which hosts 80+ authors and podcasters and visitors from 175 countries. He received his Doctor of Theology degree magna cum laude in New Testament Studies from the University of Basel, Switzerland. He also has Master of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey.

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