A Resurrection Shaped Life

Dying and Rising on Planet Earth

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A Resurrection Shaped Life
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Published December 2018

Experience life with new eyes.

Can we begin to experience the resurrection in our ordinary life on earth? Bishop Jake Owensby says yes as he re-examines the biblical concept of resurrection and how Jesus’ resurrection influences his followers every day.

A resurrection-shaped life:

Finds hope through honest reflection on the past.
Discovers meaning in suffering.
Moves beyond shame and blame toward self-acceptance and compassion.
Emerges from loss and regret to find contentment and joy.
Develops forgiveness as a habitual way of life.
Transcends “us-them” divisions to form inclusive community.
Draws strength from the hope of life after life.

A Resurrection Shaped Life explains how we begin to experience resurrection in Christian practices such as repentance and forgiveness and discusses how new life emerges from our small deaths: suffering, shame, regret, and loss.

About the Author

Jake Owensby

Jake Owensby is a writer and speaker whose work focuses on the spirituality of everyday life. He is the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Western Louisiana and author of five books including Looking for God in Messy Places, A Resurrection Shaped Life, and Your Untold Story.
Before entering ordained ministry, he earned the PhD in philosophy from Emory University and served as a professor at Jacksonville University. He has always been interested in how people find meaning and purpose in their ordinary lives. And he sees himself as a kind of midwife, helping his readers and those who participate in his workshops give birth to their own sense of what makes life worth living.
He has three adult children and lives in Alexandria, Louisiana, with his wife, Joy, and rescue pup, Gracie.
He blogs about looking for God in messy places at JakeOwensby.com.