Out of the Depths: Your Companion Through Chronic Illness

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Out of the Depths: Your Companion Through Chronic Illness
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Published January 2019

The Out of the Depths series addresses common pastoral crises in a faithful, encouraging, and factual manner that provides support to parishioners in crisis beyond the initial pastoral conversation. These inexpensive 64-page booklets can be given out to parishioners when they bring their recent diagnosis, crisis, or trauma to the pastor as a way to continue to provide care throughout the difficult season. Each booklet begins with a thoughtful consideration of the topic at hand, which is followed up by 30 brief devotions. These devotions are designed to be manageable in an overwhelming time, encouraging, and honest. Out of the Depths booklets are essential care resources to be given out by pastors, Stephen Ministers, and congregational care teams.
Key Features:

Written by metal health professionals and pastors to help the reader process their trauma both psychologically and theologically.
Includes accessible material describing the dynamics of the crisis situation and typical reactions, which provides the reader with a sense of grounding and direction through increased knowledge.
The thirty short devotions creates a sense of companionship and hope in a difficult and lonely time.
Knowing they are sharing a resource written by mental health professionals and pastors with personal experience provides pastors a trustworthy source of information.
Easy for pastors/churches to keep in stock and distribute as needed, serves as a tangible reminder of the faith community’s care.

This Chronic Illness edition is authored by Nancy L. Long and Elizabeth Shadbolt.

About the Authors

Nancy L. Long

Nancy L. Long is an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church and a diplomate in the Association of Pastoral Counselors. She has over thirty years of experience in pastoral counseling and is the executive director of the Center of Pastoral Engagement (COPE).

Elizabeth Shadbolt

Elizabeth Shadbolt is a United Methodist deaconess, dedicated to creating community and connecting faith with service, even while living with chronic illness.