Luis y Mia/Mia and Luis

Book - Paperback
Luis y Mia/Mia and Luis
Paperback ISBN: 9781501874277
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Published August 2018

Luis y Mia/Mia and Luis is a flip-over book that tells the story of a cross-cultural friendship from each child’s perspective. 

Luis is the child of Mexican immigrants and Mia is a White American child.

Their story begins when Mia makes a culturally insensitive remark to Luis. Prayer and thoughtful conversations with family help Luis and Mia move past this rocky start and develop a lasting friendship. 

Mia’s story explores important issues such as what makes someone American, biblical perspectives on immigrants, and how to make amends. Luis’s story explores issues such as cultural pride, challenges faced by immigrants, and forgiveness. 

Luis y Mia/Mia and Luis will help children ages 6-9 understand the importance of showing love to people who are different, apologizing when you’re wrong, forgiving one another, and making everyone feel welcome.

Both stories are in English and Spanish.

About the Authors

L. J. Zimmerman

L.J. holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Before coming to the United Methodist Publishing House, L.J. served as a Christian educator and minister to children, youth and adults in various congregations. She is the writer and editor of Submerge. L.J. enjoys connecting with the children and youth in her local Quaker meeting. She also loves biking around Nashville, knitting sweaters, and hiking with her dog.

Monica Reyna

Monica Reyna holds a degree in Science Education and 15 years of experience in the field. As the Social Services Director of the Hispanic Family Foundation in Nashville, TN, her passion is to empower members of the Hispanic community to face challenges and fulfill their dreams. Monica is a visionary, diligent and compassionate individual who believes in fairness and justice. She enjoys being with her three children and reading books.