Connecting for a Change

How to Engage People, Churches, and Partners to Inspire Hope in Your Community

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Connecting for a Change
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Published April 2019

Learn to be an agent of connection and hope.

At its simplest, Mission Strategy is about aligning the what, who, how and when with God’s why. Learn to implement Mission Strategy in your community of faith!

Church and community relevance and vitality depends on leaders who see their situation through the lens of Mission Strategy. At its simplest, Mission Strategy is about aligning the what, who, how and when with God’s why. The authors have lived Mission Strategy in a variety of bold ways and have helped others do the same. In doing so, they have created vitality in existing congregations and in newly formed clusters of churches. They have helped create zones of innovation and new ministry development.

The sky is the limit when pastors, church leaders and laity in local churches begin emphasizing mission strategy in their conferences, regions, neighborhoods and churches.

About the Authors

Rev. Joseph W. Daniels JR.

Dr. Joseph W. Daniels, Jr. is the Lead Pastor of the Emory United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C., where he has helped a once dying congregation become a model for church and community transformation. He also serves as Superintendent of the Greater Washington District in the Baltimore Washington Conference. Joe is passionate about helping churches and communities of all types prosper. As a nationally recognized turnaround pastor, Joe has taught, preached and consulted on congregational and community revitalization in other countries as well. He is the author of Begging for REAL Church (2009), The Power of REAL: Changing Lives, Changing Churches, Changing Communities (2011), and Walking with Nehemiah: Your Community is Your Congregation (2014).

Christie Latona

Christie Latona is the Director of Connectional Ministries, Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. She is known denomination-wide as a trainer, facilitator and coach for individuals, groups, congregations and Annual Conferences. Her calling is “to help people love well.”