Say Something!

Simple Ways to Make Your Sermons Matter

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Say Something!
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Published February 2019

People looking for a church home value good preaching most of all.

People looking for a church home value good preaching most of all - as shown by a recent Pew Research study.

While tasty coffee, edgy technology, and flashy worship services are
effective, if visitors don’t hear inspiring sermons they will not come
back to your church.
The lesson is clear: if you want to attract people to your church you
must make preaching your number one priority. Now that’s a strategy for
church growth!
If great preaching is essential to church growth, how does one become a great preacher? This book will show you how.

Charley Reeb shows why so many sermons miss the mark - usually due to
design issues, rather than poor content. He introduces 6 critical
characteristics of effective sermons, how to capture the attention of
the listener, the best method for having maximum impact with a sermon,
and many other helpful ways to be an effective preacher.


About the Author

Charley Reeb

Charley Reeb is senior pastor of Johns Creek United Methodist Church just north of Atlanta, Georgia. He has served as a pastor for nearly twenty-five years in churches of every size. Under his preaching-focused leadership,
each of those congregations has seen significant—sometimes extraordinary—growth. Charley’s passion is helping other preachers, and he speaks and teaches nationally on the topic. He is also the author of That’ll Preach! 5 Simple Steps to Your Best Sermon Ever from Abingdon Press.