Holy Living: Confession

Spiritual Practices of Building a Life of Faith

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Holy Living: Confession
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Published February 2020

Your daily walk with Christ starts here.

"While physical training has some value, training in holy living is useful for everything. It has promise for this life now and the life to come." ~ 1 Timothy 4:8

Christians crave a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. Spiritual disciplines are activities and practices that guide you in your daily walk through life bringing you closer to Christ. They also help you to make a difference in our world. Practicing these spiritual disciplines opens you to God's transforming love and help you experience Holy Living.

Confession may be good for the soul, as the saying goes, but most people give little thought to its practice, at least on a daily basis. Like prayer, a person’s needs tend to trigger a confessional response. As a result, we often have a limited understanding of the true nature of the practice. Confession is so much more than a call to apologize, though that is an integral part. Confession is fundamentally relational, providing the opportunity to experience a much fuller relationship with God. This book provides opportunities both to examine and to practice the many forms that confession takes. It begins by looking at our confession of faith (not sins) and what we affirm about the nature and purposes of God. From there it moves to exploration and practices of individual confession, mutual confession, and worship, which provides one of the most significant contexts for the people of God to confess their sin before God and one another.

This is one of series of eight books. Each book in this series introduces a spiritual practice, suggests way of living the practice daily, and provides opportunities to grow personally and in a faith community with others who engage with the practice. Each book consists of an introduction and four chapters and includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

Other disciplines studied: Celebration, Discernment, Neighboring, Simplicity, Study, and Worship.


About the Author

Dr. Paul W. Chilcote

Paul W. Chilcote is a Research Fellow at Wesley House in Cambridge, England. Previously, as a third-generation ordained elder, he pastored United Methodist churches, helped launch Africa University in Zimbabwe and Asbury Theological Seminary in Florida, and taught historical theology and Wesleyan studies at the Methodist Theological School, Ashland Theological Seminary and Duke Divinity School. He is a Benedictine Oblate of Mount Angel Abbey in Saint Benedictine, Oregon, and the author of more than thirty books, including Multiplying Love: A Vision of United Methodist Life Together.