Let Go

Leaning into the Future Without Fear

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Let Go
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Published June 2019

Move beyond fear into the life God wants for you.

Letting go of the familiar and leading into change can be fearful for all of us. In this three-part book, based on the story of Exodus, Matt Miofsky explores what it means for us to let go of the old, step into the transitional "wilderness," and work toward the Promised Land of new life, new opportunities, and our full potential. Miofsky follows the story of the exodus as Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, letting go of their past and traveling into uncertainty before building a new future in a new place. This book leads you to move beyond fear to something new and to harness a desire to move forward that is often blocked by anxiety and uncertainty. Written in three sections: Letting Go, Wandering in the Wilderness, and Promised Land, the book can be read by groups and discussed in three sessions.

About the Author

Matt Miofsky

Matt Miofsky is the Lead Pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church in Saint Louis, Missouri. Matt gained a degree in Advanced Math and played football at Washington University and then attended Candler School of Theology. Matt lives with his family in Saint Louis and has previously published two small group studies based on his sermon series, Happy? and Fail.