Christian Leadership

speaking to God for the people, speaking to the people for God

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Christian Leadership
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Published February 2019

Speaking for God to the people and speaking to God for the people.

The bedrock grounding of church leaders is in God. This grounding comes through deliberate and explicit attention to God through prayer and self-reflection. Leadership as vocation, Christian leadership, begins with self-leadership, clarifying one's own heart, one's whole being, and one's mind in order to find and show that one's most basic identity and deepest and most concrete security lie in God—not in success or in pleasing someone else or in being seen as a good person or being loved by a congregation or the faith community we lead.

Contents includes:

The Vocation of Leadership
The Shape of Our Vocation
Lessons From the Saints
What is Good Ministry?
The Persons We Are and the Institutions We Serve
The Preacher and Preaching
Taking Care of Ourselves in the Everyday
Time: It's Ours to Receive, Use, and Manage
Staying Alive All Our Ministry Life

About the Author

Maxie Dunnam

Maxie D. Dunnam became the fifth president of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky and served for 14 years. Dunnam came to Asbury after 12 years of fruitful ministry at the 5,000-member Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. From 1975–1982, Dunnam was world editor of The Upper Room. Dunnam is the author of more than 40 books, including the best-selling Workbook of Living Prayer (over one million copies sold). Dunnam presently serves as director of Christ Church Global at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.