Six Steps for Effective Pastoral Conversations

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Published November 2019

Coach those in need to access their own spiritual and personal resources, invoking both God’s help and their deep inner wisdom.

Caring: Six Steps for Effective Pastoral Conversations is designed to help ministers and pastoral care givers solve one of their most significant problems. They are called upon to “fix” all manner of human problems, and this expectation often leaves them feeling overwhelmed, highly stressed, or woefully unprepared. Help is available! Author Denise Massey will teach readers how to coach people to access their own spiritual and personal resources, invoking both God’s help and the person’s own deep inner wisdom.

The six steps of the CARING process can transform ministry conversations from floundering and uncertain to powerful and effective. These steps of facilitating powerful problem-solving conversation are ones that the minister and the person receiving care take together. The acronym CARING will help the minister remember both the steps and the ultimate purpose of the conversation.

C Connect with God, self, and others.
A Attend to the journey and assess the need.
R Reach clarity about the realistic focus for this conversation.
I Inspire the development of a loving action plan.
N Navigate around obstacles to the plan.
G Generate commitment to a specific, loving action plan.

About the Author

Denise Massey

Denise Massey is the Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at McAfee School of Theology of Mercer University. She received an MDiv in Pastoral Care, a ThM in Pastoral Care and a PhD in Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Care from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to coming to McAfee, Dr. Massey was the Director of Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Education at Kindred Hospital in Louisville where she led the hospital to be accredited as a teaching site with the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. At McAfee, Dr. Massey advises students who are interested in chaplaincy and pastoral counseling, in addition to teaching courses in Spiritual Care, Emotional Intelligence for Ministry & Leadership, Dreams as a Resource for Spiritual Care, Spiritual Care with Addicted Persons, Spiritual Care through Coaching, and Spiritual Formation.

Massey is a Certified Supervisor with the Association of Clinical Pastoral Edu