For His Glory - Women's Bible Study DVD

Living as God's Masterpiece

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For His Glory - Women's Bible Study DVD
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Published April 2020

Discover Your True Worth in Christ.

Discover Your True Worth in Christ.

What comes to mind when you hear the word masterpiece? Perhaps you think of a beautiful painting, a spectacular home renovation, or a captivating sunset. But few of us would describe ourselves with that word. We tend to listen instead to the lies that define us as rejected, unwanted, less than, ugly, stupid, or a failure. Sometimes we can feel more like worthless junk than a valuable masterpiece. Yet that is exactly what God’s Word says that we are!
In For His Glory, Marian Jordan Ellis leads us in an in-depth study of Ephesians to help us dismantle the lies we’ve believed about ourselves and replace them with a new identity built on God’s Word. The truths in this beloved epistle speak to the core beliefs we carry about ourselves, revealing to us our part in God’s magnificent design to redeem a people for Himself who reflect His glory to the world. Drawing on her own journey of transformation and her passion to equip women to overcome shame, insecurity, inferiority, and condemnation, Marian invites us on a journey to discover our true worth in Christ, our status as beloved children of God, and our glorious calling as His masterpiece.

Other components for the Bible study, available separately, include a Participant Workbook and Leader Guide.

Bible Study Features:

A six-week, verse-by-verse study of Ephesians with seven group sessions.
Helps women discover how Jesus can take their broken and make it beautiful.
Workbook includes five lessons for every week of study.
DVD features the dynamic Bible teaching of Marian Jordan Ellis in six 20-25 minute segments.

Praise for For His Glory

Marian Jordan Ellis skillfully explores the great truths from the letter to the Ephesians and invites women to discover their unshakeable identity in Christ. She challenges us to see ourselves as God does—loved, chosen, redeemed, and yes…worth dying for. For His Glory beckons you to rest in God’s extravagant love and hear Him declare you “His masterpiece”!
Lisa Mahan, Global Director of Women’s Ministry, Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

Marian expands our understanding of the timeless words of Paul to an ancient culture that struggled and wrestled so many issues that are our same struggles today. This study will challenge you, equip you, and leave you ready to live out your purpose with renewed passion, living fully for the glory of God.
Julie Lyles Carr, Author of Raising an Original and Footnotes: Major Lessons from Minor Bible Characters, host of The Modern Motherhood Podcast

In Session 1, Marian prepares the canvas for our study by reminding us that regardless of our background or story, we all need rescuing and are worthy of rescue. We have a loving Father who gave everything for us because we are His masterpiece.

In Session 2, Marian reminds us that the only real hope—and our greatest hope—is found in Jesus Christ. She helps us understand what it means to be “in Christ,” clothed in His righteousness and free from striving. As God’s redeemed, we showcase His glory to the world.

Session 3 explores who we are in Christ and how we should live in light of this truth. Rather than labels such as unwanted, unloved, unattractive, or unusable, we can know that each of us is a saint, a child of God, a masterpiece, and a citizen of heaven.

In Session 4, Marian helps us understand what it means to “walk worthy,” explaining that this is not a call to performance-based striving but about walking in our identity, keeping in step with the Spirit who dwells within us.

In Session 5, we learn what it means to radiate the glory of God—the Light of Christ—in a dark world as we love, forgive, live as children of God, and bear the fruit of the Spirit. We can do this only by being with Him, spending time with Him in worship, the Word, prayer, and service. Rather than just looking to Jesus to be saved, we can become like Him as we continue to behold Him.

Session 6 teaches us how to stand firm in the face of darkness and remain strong in the Lord as we put on the armor of God, taking up the equipment that God has given us while remembering that the battle is not ours but the Lord’s.


About the Author

Marian Jordan Ellis

Marian Jordan Ellis is passionate about Jesus and helping women experience the victorious Christian life. Having a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies, she served on the teaching team at Second Baptist Church in Houston for many years. Currently she is Director of Women’s Ministry at Mission City Church in San Antonio, where she hosts a monthly community Bible study for hundreds of women. As the founder of This Redeemed Life, a global movement of women transformed by the grace and truth of Jesus Christ, Marian speaks frequently at women’s conferences and events both domestically and internationally. When she is not on the road, she enjoys connecting with women through her Bible teachings and blog articles on the This Redeemed Life App, her website (, and YouTube channel. She is the author of Stand: Rising Up Against Darkness, Temptation, and Persecution and numerous other titles. Marian and her husband, Justin, have three children and