Submitting to Be More Vile

The Illustrated Adventures of John & Charles Wesley

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Submitting to Be More Vile
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Published October 2019

Proclaiming the glad tidings of salvation—and the other things that come with church—with comics.

On April 2, 1739, John Wesley realized that the pulpits and sanctuaries were closed to him. If he wanted to follow God’s call, he had to give up the stuffy trappings of a Church of England priest and an Oxford don and go to the people. He famously wrote, “At four in the afternoon, I submitted to be more vile and proclaimed in the highways the glad tidings of salvation.” Today we are proclaiming the glad tidings of salvation—and the other things that come with church—with comics.

Wesley Bros Comics is an online world where historical church figures all exist at the same time, in today’s world, not unlike the communion of saints where past, present, and future collapse into a moment. For the first time ever, these “webcomics” are collected in printed form with new group-discussion guides to help lovers of John and Charles Wesley find a little humor in the present state of the church, and learn a lot about church history, theology, and Methodist identity.

Perfect for youth groups, small groups, and even college and seminary classes, Submitting to Be More Vile uses the comic book format to communicate Wesleyan/Methodist theology, history, and practice.

About the Author

Charlie Baber

Charlie Baber is a deacon in The United Methodist Church, and serves as a minister to youth and families. He loves leading worship. Baber studied religion and art at Gardner-Webb University, and received the Master of Divinity at Duke University. Additional information can be found at