God vs. Money Participant Guide

Winning Strategies in the Combat Zone

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God vs. Money Participant Guide
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Published August 2019

Stop falling for Money's false promises. Trust in God's promises.

This God vs. Money Participant Guide together with the God vs. Money DVD (ISBN 9781501891571) provide a process for applying key principles from the main book, God vs. Money (ISBN9781501868115), in the participants' own ministry context. This study is for leaders in churches and other ministry settings who have responsibility for capital campaigns, budgets, stewardship, planned giving, and other financial concerns. The typical study groups include finance committees, stewardship teams, foundation boards, and finance-related staff teams. The study is also recommended for continuing education of pastors and other church leaders.

A copy of the main book (God vs. Money, ISBN9781501868115)is required for each participant and a copy of the DVD (ISBN 9781501891571) is required for each group. Prior to each group session, participants should read a section of the book. Sessions start with a 7-10 minute video from the DVD featuring Clif Christopher. Using the Guide, participants complete a variety of activities focused on application of key points from the prescribed reading, including discussion questions, personal reflection, group problem-solving activities, and other actions. The Guide serves as a workbook, giving each participant a place to record their thoughts and insights from the group, and to plan next steps.


About the Author

Dr. J. Clif Christopher

Christopher founded the Horizons Stewardship Company in 1992 following a challenging career in pastoral ministry. He serves as the company’s CEO to this day. In his twenty years as a pastor, he led numerous major building and capital campaigns. Since founding Horizons, he and his strategists have led consultations in over 2,000 churches, conferences, synods and diocese in all phases of building, finance, and church growth raising billions of dollars for ministry.
Christopher is a certified church growth consultant and has earned the coveted title CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive). In 1995, he was given the National Circuit Rider Award by the United Methodist Church for outstanding leadership in developing vital congregations. He has personally worked in over 42 states and is a frequent speaker at stewardship seminars around the country. He is the co-author of the book Holy Smoke, the author of Not Your Parents’