Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2020 Champions in Life Starter Kit

Ready, Set, Go with God!

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2020 Champions in Life Starter Kit
Kit ISBN: 9781501892363
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Published January 2020

Your church will love celebrating Abingdon Press' new VBS...Champions in Life: Ready, Set, Go with God! Participants will find joy in knowing that Jesus makes each one a winner and that we are competing in life in order to reach the goal of the high calling of Jesus Christ.
With Champions in Life!, participants will:

Activate and exercise faith and fun!
Be encouraged to set godly goals!
Be inspired to reach for the prize!
Believe that Jesus makes them champions!

Theme Verse: "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary." (Isaiah 40:31)
The Champions in Life! Starter Kit contains:

Worship DVD, including an introduction video, music videos, and movement instructionals and demonstrations
Leader Books: Director's Manual; Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger & Older Elementary Bible Story Leaders; Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, Heritage/Drama Leader, Recipe Guide, and Outreach/Follow-up Leader
Student Book Samples: Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3-5), Younger Elementary (Grades 1-3), Older Elementary (Grades 4-6), and Teen
Reproducible Parent Empowerment Pages
Music CD
Sunday School Guide
Church Kids Comic Book, Vol. 2
Tennis Racket Craft

You will also find a sample of each of the exciting publicity materials:

Activity Sticker Sheet
Promo Poster
Invitation Postcard
Leader Certificate
Student Certificate
Iron-On Transfer
Nametag holder

Sessions include:
Session 1: Get in the Race! (2 Samuel 18:19-32) Zadok's son chooses to get in the race.
Session 2: Be Skillful, Be Caring! (1 Samuel 20:18-23, 35-41) Jonathan protects his friend, David.
Session 3: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus! (Matthew 14:22-33) Peter tries to meet Jesus as he walks on water.
Session 4: A Long Wait! (John 5:2-17) Jesus commands a man who sat by a pool for 38 years to get up and walk.
Session 5: Reach for the Goal! (Philippians 3:12-16) The goal is the high calling of Jesus Christ.
Abingdon Press VBS is an intergenerational VBS that utilizes African American culture, history, music, and art to teach biblical truths.