Catching Up with the Spirit

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Published March 2020

Learn to experience God’s faithfulness and guidance by joining the journey with Jesus’ followers.

The Acts of the Apostles is a unique and crucial book that chronicles the story of God’s grace flooding out to the world through the lives of the apostles in the decades immediately following Christ’s ascension into heaven.

In Acts: Catching up with the Spirit, author and biblical scholar Matthew Skinner provides a broad yet theologically attuned introduction to this important book and its story of the early church learning to bear witness about God’s salvation through Jesus Christ..

Skinner explores six key themes that illustrate the ways in which reading Acts is capable of igniting our imagination about the character of the Christian message, the work of God’s people (the church), and the challenges of living faithfully in a complex and changing world.

Additional components for a six-week study include a DVD featuring Matthew Skinner and a comprehensive Leader Guide.

Endorsements for Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit

Skinner calls us to a daring life, risking not so much mere stormy seas, snakebites, magicians, but real daring, risking following the Holy Spirit into deep (even sacrificial) care of our neighbor at both the personal and social systemic levels, transformative hospitality, expansive inclusion, and, in Skinner’s words, “generous unity.”
—Jaime Clark-Soles, Professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology

Matthew Skinner’s invitation is to notice how God has acted before in Acts so that we might together wonder anew where God is leading us today. On this necessary but difficult journey, Skinner is a consummate scholar, a vivid writer, a gifted theologian, and a loving guide.
— Eric D. Barreto, Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary


About the Author

Prof. Matthew L. Skinner

Matthew L. Skinner is the Asher O. and Carrie Nasby Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul and the Scholar for Adult Education at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis. His published works include resources for church leaders and laypeople who are interested in the Bible’s connections to faith and life. He is the author of?Matthew: The Gospel of Promised Blessings and Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit?and is a longtime cohost of Sermon Brainwave, a weekly podcast that accompanies preachers as they interpret biblical texts to prepare their sermons.