A Worship Workbook

A Practical Guide for Extraordinary Liturgy

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A Worship Workbook
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Published March 2021

Extraordinary Christian worship is honest and versatile in its expressions of diverse liturgy.

A Worship Workbook: A Practical Guide for Extraordinary Christian Liturgy introduces crucial and under-examined liturgical and social concepts for more honest and versatile excellence in the leadership of Christian worship. By “honest,” this workbook differentiates itself from other worship resources by swiftly and surgically underscoring how liturgy has led to transgressions as well as living out the truth of the Gospel. For example, the communion table for some is seen as violent because of the Crusaders who ate and drank of the meal before battle. Claiming that disturbing past and responding to it nurtures deeper and stronger practices of the Lord’s Supper. By “versatile,” this workbook offers practical advice for widening the reach and accessibility of liturgy as well as its social awareness so that, for example, celebrations of indigenous peoples are not reserved for a special Sunday. This workbook will inspire church leaders to commit to gathering people of diversity as an expression of faithfulness in God.

About the Authors

Gerald C. Liu

Gerald C. Liu is Assistant Professor of Worship and Preaching at Princeton Theological School. An ordained United Methodist Elder of the Mississippi Annual Conference, he also serves as a Minister in Residence at the Church of the Village, a United Methodist Congregation in Manhattan. He is the son of culturally Buddhist immigrants from Taiwan, and is the author of Music and the Generosity of God (Palgrave, 2017).

Khalia J. Williams

Khalia J. Williams is the Assistant Dean of Worship and Music, and Assistant Professor in the Practice of Worship at Emory University's Candler School of Theology. An ordained minister, she serves as an associate minister and First Lady at the historic Providence Missionary Baptist church in Atlanta. With a deep passion for the intersection of worship, womanist theology and embodiment, she is a lead consultant for multiple denominations in the area of liturgical transformation.