CEB Wide-Margin Navy Floral Bible

For Journaling and Note-Taking

Book - Hardback
CEB Wide-Margin Navy Floral Bible
Hardback ISBN: 9781609262075
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Published February 2017

Enhance your personal devotion with this new Common English Bible with additional space for journaling and note-taking. This bible cannot be imprinted at the Vendor.

This new journaling-style Bible will satisfy those readers who express themselves and their spiritual journey in the pages of their Bible. The biblical text is presented in one column, making it easier to read, and the interior design includes a generous 2-inch margin along the exterior side of each page. This edition's beautiful cover design is a hardcover wrapped in graphic paper, covered in drawn navy flowers, with a complementary khaki spine.

This Bible is made for journaling but is also useful for note-taking and other forms of personal devotion. And thicker paper means your drawings and notes won't bleed through to the next page. 

A presentation page and ribbon complete this package and make it a beautiful gift for anyone who enjoys expressing their prayer and devotional life in the pages of their Bible.

About the Author

Common English Bible

The Common English Bible is a translation completed in 2011. One hundred and twenty biblical scholars from twenty-two faith traditions worked as translators. These women and men balanced rigorous accuracy in translation of the ancient texts with an equally passionate commitment to clarity of expression in contemporary English. The result is a clear, direct, and powerful English version of the scriptures for use in Bible study, devotional reading, and worship.