CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible Wilderness Trail Hardcover

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CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible Decotone Midnight Splash
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Published April 2019

Kids will dive deeper into God’s Word with this unique and award-winning children’s Bible.

This engaging, interactive Bible offers four-color icons and illustrations throughout with a wealth of notes, historical facts, book introductions, devotionals, and other interactive elements to capture inquisitive young minds. The Deep Blue Kids Bible encourages a thirst for God’s timeless message as young readers join three life-like kids in discovering the Bible and what it means to their lives. For children 7 to 12.

This new illustrated cover – available in both paperback and as a hardcover – was hand-drawn and shows Asia, Kat, and Edgar as they have an outdoor adventure studying God’s holy scripture.  

Key Features:

• 4-color throughout.

• Presentation page.

• In-text subject headings.

• Bible dictionary.

• Eight full-color maps exclusively from National Geographic.

About the Author

Common English Bible

The Common English Bible is a translation completed in 2011. One hundred and twenty biblical scholars from twenty-two faith traditions worked as translators. These women and men balanced rigorous accuracy in translation of the ancient texts with an equally passionate commitment to clarity of expression in contemporary English. The result is a clear, direct, and powerful English version of the scriptures for use in Bible study, devotional reading, and worship.