CEB Common English Bible Super Giant Print

Pulpit and Lectern Bible

Book - Hardback
CEB Common English Bible Super Giant Print
Hardback ISBN: 9781609262228
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Published May 2019

A 16-point type, large trim size, and accessible language make The CEB Super Giant Print Bible ideal for the pulpit and lectern.

The CEB Super Giant Print Bible is the ideal size for a pulpit or lectern. It may also be used by readers needing large, 16-point type type. This hardcover is wrapped with black leather-like material for increased durability. An elegant silver-foil embossing of the words “Holy Bible” completes the package.

The Common English Bible, with its comfortable-to-read-out-loud translation, is the perfect choice for worship.

The CEB was built on the assembled knowledge of a diverse, cross-denominational group of men and women, 120 biblical scholars translating directly from the original ancient texts—not revising tradition or inserting church doctrine. Exhaustive attention has been paid to ensure the work is impeccably balanced and rich in context. With its refreshingly approachable language, the CEB sets readers on a path to new understanding.

Key Features:

16 point type
Presentation page
Comfortable two-column setting with black letter text
In-text subject headings
Translation footnotes

About the Author

Common English Bible

The Common English Bible is a translation completed in 2011. One hundred and twenty biblical scholars from twenty-two faith traditions worked as translators. These women and men balanced rigorous accuracy in translation of the ancient texts with an equally passionate commitment to clarity of expression in contemporary English. The result is a clear, direct, and powerful English version of the scriptures for use in Bible study, devotional reading, and worship.