When Anything Goes

Being Christian in a Post-Christian World

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When Anything Goes
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Published March 2016

Why being Christian still makes sense.

Since the beginning, every age has produced apologists who defend and define the Christian faith against current ideas and trends that threaten it. Today’s defenses come while congregations are dwindling, God is removed from schools, and those still looking for answers to faith questions are being labeled with words that are no longer accurate as soon as they exist—the seekers, the Nones, the spiritual but not religious, the neither spiritual nor religious.

While America believes we live in a post-Christian world, a world where anything goes, Leslie Williams explores why Jesus Christ is still the answer for a culture that outlaws public prayer, lives in the fast food lane, and tweets and twitters to communicate.

In a lively, personal, and humorous style, Williams shares experiences and debunks criticisms in search of a clear explanation of why we believe what we believe. Along the way, she invites you to disagree with ideas, to counter the rhetoric, to refute the conclusions—but to wrestle with the questions and experiences, enter your own journey, and discover for yourself why being Christian still makes sense.

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About the Author

Leslie Williams

Leslie Williams is an English professor and visiting scholar from Yale Divinity School. She has published prize-winning poetry, books on the Christian spiritual life, and thriller novels. A national speaker, Williams lives in Kerrville, Texas, with her husband, Stockton, who is an Episcopal priest. They have two children and five grandchildren.