The Sermon without End

A Conversational Approach to Preaching

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The Sermon without End
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Published October 2015

A new model for post-apologetic preaching in a pluralistic world.

A New Model for Post-Apologetic Preaching in a Pluralistic World.

The relationship between preaching and the public sphere has long been
debated. Three different theological approaches tend to dominate the
discussion. In different ways, these approaches take into account the
movement from the modern mindset of the mid-to-late 20th century to the
emerging postmodern worldview.

In The Sermon without End, authors Allen & Allen thoughtfully
offer a fourth option, one that in their view has not received much
attention, but which offers a distinct and especially helpful
perspective. It is a new and dynamic conversational model, reaching
beyond the earlier work of Tillich and Tracy. In this homiletical
framework, conversation takes place in multiple directions between the
text or tradition and the world today. It is preaching in conversation,
not just toward but with voices from the public sphere.

The book provides a solid foundation for understanding this
post-apologetic approach, but it importantly goes on to offer practical,
real-pulpit guidance for implementation in a preaching ministry. It is a
book for both scholars and practicing preachers who wish to reach
people in meaningful and significant ways, and in ways that make sense
for today.

"This book deserves to be widely applauded. It provides a post-apologetic lens to illuminate the history of various modern homiletical discourses even as it envisions a postmodern one. ... I strongly recommend this book for homileticians, preachers, and lay people alike." - Duse Lee, Boston University School of Theology - Reviewed in Homiletic

About the Authors

Ronald J. Allen

Ronald J. Allen is Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the author of several books on preaching including Sermon Treks: Trailways for Creative Preaching from Abingdon Press.  

Prof O. Wesley Allen JR.

O. Wesley Allen, Jr., is Lois Craddock Perkins Professor of Preaching at Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, Texas. He is the author of A Homiletic of All Believers, Preaching and Reading the Lectionary, Matthew: Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries and several other books. For many years he was Professor of Preaching at Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, Kentucky.