Time Management for the Christian Leader

Or How to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip

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Time Management for the Christian Leader
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Published May 2015

Get more than you thought possible out of every day, month and year.

gives each of us the same 168 hours every week. Some of us seem to use
that time with incredible efficiency and power. But for many others this
is an area of frustrating deficiency. Time Management for Christian Leaders
challenges leaders to evaluate goals, and teaches practical techniques
for improvement. Author and coach Ken Willard reveals ways we
inadvertently waste time, and offers solutions in a step-by-step process
at the reader’s own pace. This
book is engaging, easy to read, and even entertaining. Most
importantly, it is full of information that can transform the Christian
leader’s ministry and life.
will want to keep this book close at hand, to read again and again.
These strategies, insights and coaching questions help readers to really manage their time. Or, as the title suggests, to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip. --J. Val Hastings, MCC, Founder & President of Coaching4Clergy & Coaching4BusinessLeaders
Insightful, practical help for leaders! Time Management for Christian Leaders
is a wonderful tool for laity. The principles in this book can open us
to allow God to produce greater fruit for the Kingdom.--Brian Hammons,
Conference Lay Leader -- Missouri Conference of the United Methodist
you’re looking for more abundant living, this book is for you. Ken's
biblically grounded approach produces practical strategies for today's
time-pressed Christian leaders.--Beth Caulfield, Director of Small
Groups and Team Vital Champion, The United Methodist Church of Greater
New Jersey
book offers both personal coaching and ways to make your church or
faith-based organization more effective. Are you ready to be coached?
Prepare to be both motivated and encouraged by this book. You’ll walk
away from it more focused on your core values and on God’s path for you. --Jim Barber, Executive Director, Society for Church Consulting; President, Barber Church Consulting
in ministry moves fast, and this potent book can help us to do more of
what we are meant to do. --Aubrey Malphurs, Founder of The Malphurs
Group; Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Seminary

About the Author

Ken Willard

Ken Willard is a Christian leadership coach, certified church consultant, author, speaker and developer of curriculum used by pastors and laity leaders. He is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a member of the faculty with Coaching4Clergy.

Ken lives in the St. Louis area with his wife Mary and works with pastors, laity leaders, local churches and other church organizations all over the country.

As owner of Leadership4Transformation, Ken’s mission is to help equip God’s people to expand God’s Kingdom.