Wesley and the People Called Methodists

Second Edition

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Wesley and the People Called Methodists
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Published August 2013

The practical and theological development of eighteenth-century Methodism.

This second edition of Richard P. Heitzenrater's groundbreaking survey of the Wesleyan movement is the story of the many people who contributed to the theology, organization, and mission of Methodism. This updated version addresses recent research from the past twenty years; includes an extensive bibliography; and fleshes out such topics as the means of grace; Conference; "Large" Minutes; Charles Wesley; Wesley and America; ordination; prison ministry; apostolic church; music; children; Susanna and Samuel Wesley; the Christian library; itinerancy; connectionalism; doctrinal standards; and John Wesley as historian, Oxford don, and preacher.

About the Author

Prof. Richard P. Heitzenrater

Richard P. Heitzenrater is William Kellon Quick Professor Emeritus of Church History and Wesleyan Studies at Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC, and general editor emeritus of the Bicentennial Edition of The Works of John Wesley.