A Spirituality that Secularizes Volume 1 - eBook [ePub]

Discerning the Trajectory of the Spirit in the Old Testament

A Spirituality that Secularizes Volume 1 - eBook [ePub]
E-Book ISBN: 9781630888381
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Published March 2015

How do we make sense of our lives in this world when there is no other life and no other world except the ones we’ve been given?

Bishop Nacpil’s book connects the creator with the creation. It deals with the longing for the elusive and unfathomable something that strengthens reader's relationship with the creator. It delves into his or her relationship with God and God’s relationship with the person as an unbreakable bond, which Bishop Nacpil describes as a spirituality that secularizes. He describes how the Spirit is at work within each person, empowering them to make choices that promote, preserve, and enrich creation. Without the Spirit, everyone would float above their vessel of clay rather than fully living in it. The book enables the reader to see not only a meaningful wholeness out of his or her frenzied life but also that the good each person do in the secular world is their active participation in the work of the Spirit.

About the Author

Emerito P. Nacpil

Emerito P. Nacpil was born in Tarlac, the Philippines. He received a Bachelor of Theology from Union Theological Seminary in the Philippines and a Bachelor of Arts from Philippine Christian College. He then came to the United States to attend Drew Theological from which he received his Ph.D. Returning home, Bishop Nacpil took up responsibilities at Union Theological Seminary, first as Professor, then Academic Dean, then President. In 1974, he was named Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools in Southeast Asia and Dean of the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology, the positions he was holding when the Philippines Central Conference elected him to the episcopacy in November 1980. Bishop Nacpil was assigned to the Manila Area, where he administered the Mindanao Annual Conference, the Philippines Annual Conference and the Southwest Philippines Provisional Annual Conference. He retired in 2001.