Living Faithfully Revised and Updated

Human Sexuality and The United Methodist Church

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Living Faithfully Revised and Updated
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Published September 2019

The United Methodist Church is seeking a way forward.

There is deep disagreement about what The United Methodist Church should teach about homosexuality, same gender marriage, and the ordination of LGBTQ persons. In 2019, a special session of General Conference was held to consider these issues and how they will be addressed by The United Methodist Church in the future. Yet many have felt that the outcome of the special session did not lead to resolution, but to increased tension and deepening division.

Living Faithfully is designed to help you understand the shape of this debate and what it means for the present and the future. Each chapter includes background on the Bible, Christian theology, history, stories from diverse viewpoints, and United Methodist structure and practice to guide reflection and conversation. You’ll also find definitions of key terms and information about upcoming events.

The four chapters are:

1. Is the Practice of Homosexuality Incompatible with Christian Teaching?
2. Is Same-gender Marriage Compatible with Christian Teaching?
3. Is Ordaining Practicing Homosexuals Compatible with Christian Teaching?
4. Where Are We Now?

This revised four-week study contains an updated fourth chapter that describes the outcome of the 2019 General Conference and the ongoing debates and responses to it. It will help you understand and grapple with various views about the ministry and teaching of The United Methodist Church around issues of human sexuality. It will lead you to have honest, well-informed, and grace-filled conversations with others about these matters and the calls for change. And it will help you discern, in prayer and conversation, how you can respond faithfully in love of God and neighbor.

A Leader Guide is included with lesson plans to help facilitate a four-session small group study.

From the Faultlines collection, resources intended to inform conversations around human sexuality and the church.