The Stillness of Winter

Sacred Blessings of the Season

Book - Hardback
The Stillness of Winter
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Published October 2020

Explore the sacredness and blessings of the winter season.

Winter is the coldest time of the year. The days are shorter, and the nights are longer. Deciduous trees are bare of leaves, and some animals hibernate. Christmas is celebrated, one year comes to an end, and a new year begins.

In The Stillness of Winter, nationally known journalist and author Barbara Mahany unfurls month by month the winter season exploring the natural world to find the holy within and the holy all around during this sacred season. Expanding on content from Barbara’s book Slowing Time, this beautiful two-color gift book is part almanac, scrapbook, field notes, and recipe box, showing readers how to experience the winter world around them with joy and curiosity.

A spiritual guide to the winter season.
Features short entries for daily reading.
Hardcover gift book with 2-color interior and ribbon.

About the Author

Barbara Mahany

From the front pages of The Chicago Tribune to her revered page-two columns, Barbara Mahany has opened her heart and told her stories and the stories of her family’s life that have drawn in thousands of readers for decades. Bracingly honest and heartachingly daring, she explores the sacred mysteries with a voice recognizable and clear. Barbara is a sought-after speaker, retreat leader, writing teacher, and author of Motherprayer, The Blessings of Motherprayer, and Slowing Time. She lives with her husband, Blair Kamin, and two sons in Wilmette, Illinois. Learn more about Barbara at