Come Back

Returning to the Life You Were Made For

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Come Back
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Published August 2020

Are there places in your life you need to come back from? Maybe it’s around
family brokenness or a friend’s betrayal. It could be classmate drama or a
family divorce. Perhaps money problems or health issues have caused a
loss. Whatever the case, it feels like life has been against you. Come Back:
Returning to the Life You Were Made For offers five elements that are crucial
to renewal. Each element is paired with an ancient practice that has helped
people for thousands of years in countless cultures navigate the tricky
waters of transformation. These five practices are designed for everyday
people. It’s not too late and you’re not too far gone. You were made for
a turnaround. You don’t need a spiritual pedigree to start the journey.
Here’s what you do need: A heart-felt desire to see your life change and an
openness to the process. That’s it. The rest will be revealed along the way.

About the Author

Roger Ross

Roger Ross has served local churches from Texas to the British Channel Island of Guernsey to his home state of Illinois, where he’s been involved in starting two new churches. Ross currently serves as senior pastor of First UMC, a large and vibrant congregation in Springfield, IL. He has contributed to several publications and journals.