The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2022

Planning Sermons for Fifty-Two Sundays

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The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2022
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Published April 2021

The local pastor’s go-to resource for weekly sermon and worship planning. Each week’s entry consists of two pages, face-to-face. The pages include:

1. Preaching Themes -Fleshed out with brief, pithy nuggets of thought, idea jump-starters, or questions
•These are designed to spur the preacher’s imagination and sermon development process
•They will offer fresh, intriguing ideas
•They will point the reader/preacher in a good direction; the reader takes it from there

2. Secondary or Parallel Themes -2 or 3 themes or streams of thought that are related to but separate from the primary theme offered. These might arise from different parts of the lectionary text. This may also include questions, or alternative ways of thinking about the primary theme.

3. Worship Helps •Gathering Prayer •Collect, Pastoral Prayer, Congregational Prayer, Responsive Reading, or some other liturgical element •Closing Prayer or Benediction

Homiletical Topic Essays (3)
These 700-word essays cover a variety of current and critical topics for the preacher. Each essay focuses on one particular topic. Topics could include the practice of preaching, sermon writing, current issues for the preacher, emerging trends in preaching, and emerging ideas or cultural trends that are important for the church and preacher. Essays are contributed by leading homileticians.

Sermon Series Ideas
This section will briefly outline and describe ideas for unique sermon series based on lectionary readings. Most if not all of these will come from non-NT texts, helping preachers to include a wider range of scripture in their preaching. (Many pastors preach primarily from NT passages almost exclusively.)