Body Connections

Body-Based Spiritual Care

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Body Connections
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Published August 2021

Make the shift to an integrated view of the human body and spiritual care.

Body Connections teaches pastors and other spiritual leaders to make the connections between their embodied experience and faithful spiritual care. Instead of reinforcing the mind body split that leads to body/self-alienation and impedes holistic relationships with God/self/others, this book treats the body as a central rather than as ancillary subject in care through engagement with the body’s narrative.
Michael Koppel engages religious texts and traditions along with scientific insights to develop a ‘faithfully hybrid’ practical theological resource. This unique book offers intelligent and accessible theology plus spiritual practices for the healing and care of the body. Koppel introduces readers to the body as a source of vitality for faith, and the notion that our bodies are God’s beloved and trusted partners.
Each chapter illuminates a facet of pastoral and spiritual care with the body, and includes stories that draw the reader into the issues, challenges, and questions to be raised in the pages; body practices that suggest practical skills for use in personal and community care; reflection questions and small group exercises to spark discussion; conversation with contemporary culture to reveal the wider context in which spiritual and pastoral care takes place; and a closing body care prayer to anchor the reader to the wider community of faith.
This book is highly useful for individuals and groups. It is for clergy, chaplains, spiritual directors, seminarians, clinical educators, lay people in churches, and those who are institutionally unaffiliated but care deeply about fostering a holistic spiritual path.

About the Author

Koppel, Michael S.

Michael Koppel is the Howard Chandler Robbins Professor of Pastoral Theology and Congregational Care, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.