The Works of John Wesley Volume 14

Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises III

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The Works of John Wesley Volume 14
Hardback ISBN: 9781791016005
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Published June 2022

This volume completes the three-volume subset of The Works of John Wesley devoted to his doctrinal and controversial treatises. It includes sections on Wesley’s critical engagement with the Moravians, Roman Catholic doctrine and practice, William Law, Emanuel Swedenborg, and others. Unlike previous collections of Wesley’s works, the contents are grouped in chronological order, placed in historical context, and fully annotated. There are also items (manuscripts and rare tracts) in each section that were not included in previous collections of Wesley’s works. The volume concludes with indexes to the three-volume subset. The three-volume subset is designed to both aid and broaden readers’ understanding of and appreciation for Wesley as a theologian.