God Turned Toward Us

The ABCs of Christian Faith

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God Turned Toward Us
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Published October 2021

Reflections on the words the church uses to communicate the faith.

The challenge of the Christian life is learning to talk Christian. There may be religions that arise from within, or accompany your birth, faiths that occur to you after secluded mediation, or as fruit of long walks in the woods, human experience, good and bad, or what you’ve learned from your wounds.

Christianity isn’t one of them.

Somebody has got to tell us, give us the words that open the door to the faith called Christian. Each of us is due the delight of discovery that in submitting to God’s talk to us–in allowing ourselves to be addressed by the God we’re unable to love without first being loved, welcomed, and found–we have been apprehended. While we were trying so hard to think about God, God was already thinking about us.

God Turned Toward Us: The ABCs of Christian Faith is organized by the words the church teaches us to use to talk about ordinary life apprehended by a God who is Jesus Christ–short, meditative reflections upon key concepts that guide Christians, new or longstanding. These reflections, which are accessible to all Christians, are also particularly inspiring for pastors, church leaders, and seminarians who want to communicate the faith in entertaining ways to others and who want to find fresh meaning in traditional Christian concepts. A Notes section will refer the reader to the sources that influenced each meditation.

About the Author

William H. Willimon

Will Willimon has long been a trusted colleague for working preachers. He is known for his encouragement of his fellow preachers to enjoy telling the truth of Jesus Christ. He is Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke University Divinity School, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, and is a retired Bishop of the United Methodist Church. For 20 years as, as Dean of the Chapel at Duke University, Will became known as one of America’s most engaging preachers of the gospel.

Will Willimon has published many books, including his preaching subscription service on MinistryMatters.com, Pulpit Resource, and Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love, both published by Abingdon Press.