Forging Partnerships to Change the World

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Published August 2021

A movement, led by people of faith, to redeem the educational soul of America.

Access to education has long been a priority for Americans. Full access to formal schooling is a symbol of freedom, a gateway to opportunity and respect. Education can lead to physical, economic and spiritual emancipation. America has not yet achieved this promise, not by a long shot, especially in communities where people of color live.
But the church might be able to change that. Lia McIntosh shows how leaders in the church and other organizations can work together to reshape schools so that full access to excellent education is a reality for all the community’s children.
This book is for leaders who are seeking ways to improve life for people in their communities, and who are open to taking a new approach to education. One where people of faith interact directly with educational systems and organizations. It is for church leaders, educators, administrators, parents, and philanthropists who are curious about how they might work to close the opportunity gap. McIntosh teaches how leaders can tap into communal wisdom and basic faith principles in order to create change. She shares multiple examples from churches where church-school partnerships have had dramatic impact on the church and community. In many cases, these partnerships even lead to church growth, as people are drawn to this type of service in their community.
Church/School/Community promises to help us move forward:
- A historical review of the intersections of Faith and education, reminding us how the church has always been on the forefront of education.
- An explanation of the Opportunity we have to change a student’s life, especially before the 3rd grade.
- A challenge to Rethink the church’s role in education, moving from mercy to justice to advocacy.
- Exploring the question, What can we do? And learning the practices that are essential for this work.
- A challenge for faith communities to practice Advocacy, placing students at the center, and reviving the church.
- A warning for us to Resist the urge to turn inward, reminding us that life is found by giving ourselves away.
- Renewing our commitment as Americans to Democracy. Modeling it for students so they understand the power of their voices, their capacity to develop skills, and their responsibility to shape the future.

About the Author

Lia McIntosh

Lia McIntosh is an ICF certified executive coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and community advocate. She empowers leaders and organizations to build sustainable relationships and grow their impact in the neighborhoods and marketplaces they serve.
Program Officer for Education, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO