Forging Partnerships to Change the World

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Published August 2021

A movement, led by people of faith, to redeem the educational soul of America.


Pastors, other leaders, and people in every community yearn to bring change. To in?uence people and systems for good. To work for morally rooted social change.

What is the best way to do this work? Together.

Collaborative efforts between churches, schools, and other organizations are critically important for our future. Lia McIntosh makes the case for this claim and instructs leaders who are ready to start, as she lays out a principle-based framework built on the seven virtues (or principles) of Kwanzaa.
Each chapter includes a summary of key points, plus a list of questions and suggestions for discussion, further inquiry, or action. The book closes with a full list of practical suggestions and instructions for putting the principles into action immediately. It is designed for leaders and teams to read and work through together, resulting in plans and action.
The book is also ?lled with stories revealing the depth of need and the extraordinary results of positive change. It is inspiring, motivating, and instructive.

Church/School/Community promises to help us move forward:
- A historical review of the intersections of Faith and education, reminding us how the church has always been on the forefront of education.
- An explanation of the Opportunity we have to change a student’s life, especially before the 3rd grade.
- A challenge to Rethink the church’s role in education, moving from mercy to justice to advocacy.
- Exploring the question, What can we do? And learning the practices that are essential for this work.
- A challenge for faith communities to practice Advocacy, placing students at the center, and reviving the church.
- A warning for us to Resist the urge to turn inward, reminding us that life is found by giving ourselves away.
- Renewing our commitment as Americans to Democracy. Modeling it for students so they understand the power of their voices, their capacity to develop skills, and their responsibility to shape the future.

Actionable and transformational. This book is a valuable tool for people and organizations who want to create an “ubuntu” way of looking at the world. Through healthy community, school and church partnerships, McIntosh offers a practical guide for leaders to discern the community’s assets and needs and bring good into the world. A must-have resource.
--Kim Jenne, director of connectional ministries, Missouri Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

We are at our best when we partner with others for the sake of self, neighbor and community. We should have no expectation of meaningful change or transformation apart from profound partnering. McIntosh rehearses and re-envisions the power of church, school and community linking arms, where each helps the other become a better version of itself, and where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.
--Gregory V. Palmer, bishop of the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church

This is a book worth reading! The Missouri Annual Conference has emphasized church/school partnerships and this book is a helpful, practical guide to our work. It paints a picture of fruitful and vital ministry.
--Bob Farr, bishop of the Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Church

Lia McIntosh shows up as a coach, encourager and cultural connector in every moment of her life, including this book. Churches are looking to create significant partnerships with their local communities, and schools are frequent partners. This book provides a framework for thinking through these connections, plus action steps to take. I'll be recommending this wonderful piece to every church leader I know!
--Derrek Belase, director of connectional ministry, Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church

Concepts and words are often misleading specially in a period when individualism is on the rise, and an abiding sense of togetherness is slipping away from the human family, Rev. Lia McIntosh calls 21st century readers to rethink about the centrality of community and formation of human connections through church, Academic circles and Ecclesial movements. This is a timely and much needed people – oriented piece of literature whose horizon is three –fold, faith – as – a portal for community formation, learning and instruction as an opportunity for community formation, and national and Global engagements as localities of community formation. This book is both a gift and legacy giving to all whose eyes will read the pages of this well – thought out work.
--Israel Kamudzandu, associate professor and Lindsey Pherigo Chair, Saint Paul School of Theology, Leawood, KS

Church/School/Community is a timely and much-needed resource. It is a must read for those who are committed to being World Changers in this heightened state of racial injustice, political division, and denominational uncertainty. McIntosh creatively utilizes the Kwanzaa principles as a plan and blueprint to strengthen churches and transform communities. As the National Director of SBC21 I highly recommend reading this critical book that can forge vital partnerships between church, school and community.
--Michael L. Bowie, Jr., national executive director, Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, The United Methodist Church

About the Author

Lia McIntosh

Lia McIntosh is an ICF certified executive coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and community advocate. She empowers leaders and organizations to build sustainable relationships and grow their impact in the neighborhoods and marketplaces they serve.
Program Officer for Education, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO