The Bible Year Leader Guide

A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days

Book - Paperback
The Bible Year Leader Guide
Paperback ISBN: 9781791023430
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Published October 2021

Achieve your goal of reading through the Bible in one year.

The Bible Year will guide your entire congregation through the entire Bible in a single year. Suggested daily Bible readings are laid out in a Genesis to Revelation format and include a short devotional concise enough for any schedule. You will also appreciate the 52 weekly summaries that focus on key themes and ideas to help you better understand your readings.

The Leader Guide contains 52 weeks of small group sessions based on each week’s readings. Each session follows a concise, simple, and consistent lesson plan with discussion questions on the scriptures and instructions for using the videos if desired.

The Bible Year product line includes a devotional for each church member, a leader guide for small group sessions, and a pastor’s guide to help your church read the Bible together bringing you closer to God and to one another.

The Bible Year will help your church come together around a shared journey through Scripture and bring your congregation or small group a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible.