Celebrate Wonder All Ages Summer 2023 Kit

includes One Room Sunday School®

Celebrate Wonder All Ages Summer 2023 Kit
Kit ISBN: 9781791025748
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Published April 2023

A flexible children's curriculum for multiple ages.

Celebrate Wonder All Ages makes it easy for ministry to happen with children and families no matter the setting. Whether you're meeting in person in one room, sending materials home for families to use together, offering a large group opening and small groups in person or virtually, or hosting an intergenerational gathering for your whole church, this will work for you!

The Celebrate Wonder All Ages Kit contains a Leader Guide, Reproducible Kids' Book, Class Pack, DVD, and CD-ROM.

The DVD features a child host who will engage children through storytelling, life application, and exploration of the faith word. The DVD includes a music video and thirteen sessions (one for each Sunday) that are 3-5 minutes each.

The CD-ROM includes digital copies of the Leader Guide, Reproducible Kids' Book, and Class Pack.

The Class Pack includes colorful easy-to-use posters to reinforce the Bible story, an attendance chart, cut-outs for the Wonder Mat, and more!