The Big Picture

Seeing God's Dream for Your Life

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The Big Picture
Paperback ISBN: 9781791025953
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Published August 2022

Connect the dots of triumph and trauma in your life to discover God’s presence by studying the story of Joseph in Genesis.

Life can often feel like a scattering of random events. The various choices, opportunities, or even pain we experience seem to have no real purpose or connection. But if we pay attention to God’s work, our lives tell a different story.

The story of Joseph in Genesis teaches us to look for the big picture in our lives. It shows us how God weaves together events that seem random into a beautiful image of joy, survival, purpose, and meaning. In The Big Picture: Seeing God’s Dream for Your Life, authors Jevon and Nicole Caldwell-Gross take a closer look at the life of Joseph to discover God’s presence in moments of triumph and trauma. Join them for this five-week study and see God’s dream for your life as you begin connecting the dots of God’s grace, presence, and protection.

Components for the five-week study include a book, comprehensive Leader Guide, DVD/Video sessions.


About the Authors

Jevon Caldwell-Gross

The Rev. Dr. Jevon Caldwell-Gross has been a transformational ministry thought leader for over a decade. Serving in a variety of contexts, ranging from urban cities to multicultural suburban communities, Pastor J is known for his ability to connect with different audiences and to make the gospel accessible and practical.

Pastor J’s journey has brought him to one of the largest United Methodist churches in the country, St. Luke's United Methodist Church, located in Indianapolis, IN. There he serves as the Teaching Pastor and has been instrumental in leading the congregation in redefining and expanding its digital footprint to reach people around the world. He is currently spearheading the effort to establish St. Luke’s first online campus and transition into the role of Online Campus Pastor. As a Pastor, Author and Professor, his mission is and has always been to equip churches and congregational leaders for relevant and effective ministry in a rapidly changing society.

When he’s not filming a mobile message or designing the next online sermon series, you’ll find him at a coffee shop with something hot in hand.

Nicole Caldwell-Gross

Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross is a woman on FIRE for Christ! This flame lit her path to Mount Holyoke College where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Princeton Theological Seminary where she received a Masters of Divinity and was awarded the George L. Rentschler prize in Speech Communication.
A gifted storyteller of the Gospel, Nicole is a sought-after preacher, podcaster, conference facilitator, coach and community developer. She has held diverse ministry roles as an associate pastor, non-profit executive director and denominational leader. Currently she is the first woman and person of color to serve as Senior Pastor at Noblesville First United Methodist Church.
While God's call has led her to Dubai, India, South Africa and Cuba, her most meaningful mission field is in Indiana where she resides with her partner in marriage and ministry: Rev. Dr. Jevon Caldwell-Gross. They are outnumbered by their three children: Joshua Alexander, Olivia Grace and Isabella Joy.
When Nicole is not preaching or podcasting, she’s sipping an extra hot macchiato with a burger on the side.