The Big Picture DVD

Seeing God's Dream for Your Life

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The Big Picture DVD
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Published August 2022

Connect the dots of triumph and trauma in your life to discover God’s presence by studying the story of Joseph in Genesis.

The story of Joseph teaches us to see the big picture. For many of us, life can feel like a scattering of random events. The various choices, opportunities, or even pain we experience seem to have no real purpose or connection. Our souls wonder: Is that just a coincidence? Does this have a purpose? Is any of this connected at all? But, if we pay attention to God’s work, our lives tell a different story: A dot of God’s grace here. A dot of God’s presence and protection there.

When we look closely, connecting the dots, we discover that our lives are not a series of disconnected events, but a story in which God is weaving what seems random into a beautiful image of joy, survival, purpose, and meaning. In The Big Picture: Seeing God’s Dream for Your Life, a five-week study based on the story of Joseph in Genesis, authors Nicole and Jevon Caldwell-Gross take a closer look at the life of Joseph to discover God’s presence in moments of triumph and trauma, and help us begin connecting the dots in our own lives.

Components for the six-week study include a book, comprehensive Leader Guide, DVD/Video sessions.

About the Authors

Jevon Caldwell-Gross

Rev. Jevon Caldwell-Gross is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalamazoo College, a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership from Wesley Theological Seminary. His passion for leadership guided his research and practice in developing turn-around strategies for Urban congregations. He is a sought after thought leader in creating and sustaining congregational change. His journey has brought him to one of the largest United Methodist churches in the country. He is currently serving as the Teaching and Guest Experience Pastor at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church located in Indianapolis, IN. Outside of his regular preaching responsibilities, he has been instrumental at leading the congregational at redefining and expanding its digital footprint to reach people around the world.