Bible Stories for Grown-Ups

Reading Scripture with New Eyes

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Bible Stories for Grown-Ups
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Published April 2023

Read the Bible for the first time – again.

In Bible Stories for Grown-Ups: Reading Scripture with New Eyes pastor Josh Scott looks at familiar Bible stories and reveals new details and interpretations for an adult audience. This six-week Bible study will consider stories many read as children including Noah's Ark, the binding of Isaac, Jonah and the big fish, Jesus and Zacchaeus, Jesus healing a blind man, and the parable of the talents. Scott reimagines these stories and opens new visions for readers to understand well known pieces of Scripture in our current cultural environment.

The book can be read alone or used by small groups, and can be used anytime throughout the year. Additional components include video teaching sessions featuring Josh Scott, and a comprehensive leader guide, making this perfect as a six-week group study done throughout the year.


About the Author

Josh Scott

Josh Scott has been a pastor for the last two decades. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor at GracePointe Church in Nashville. The focus of his work is reimagining, reframing, and reclaiming faith through a progressive Christian lens. His first book, Bible Stories for Grown-Ups, will release in April 2023. You can read his latest thoughts at He lives near Nashville, TN with his wife, Carla, and five kids.