Coming Alive

Daily Meditations for Spiritual Renewal

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Coming Alive
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Published November 2022

A spiritual practice for serious-minded (but busy) people.

Everyone needs renewal, even the most committed among us. The spiritual life requires regular practice and a bit of time. Coming Alive: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Renewal offers five brief meditations each week for focused reading, reflection, and prayer. Each entry centers on a passage of scripture or spiritual writing. The meditations are deep, insightful, and beautifully simple, as readers have come to expect from Steve Harper’s writing. This timeless book offers a gently challenging daily habit, which leads to renewal of spirit and mind.

Coming Alive features
- Brief readings, about 10 minutes per day
- Undated readings, so readers can determine their own pattern of practice
- Spiritual depth and wisdom from ancient and contemporary sources
- Foreword by Brian McLaren

From the Foreword:

“Steve Harper's new book beautifully focuses in on the real core of the spiritual life: Not dogma, not rules and regulations, not duties or guilt, not pressure or obligation ... but life, life to the full, what I like to call aliveness.

--Brian McLaren

About the Author

Steve Harper

Steve Harper is an acclaimed author, speaker, professor, and retired elder in the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist church. He taught in the disciplines of spiritual formation and Wesley studies for more than 30 years as a seminary professor. He has published many books with Abingdon Press, including Five Marks of a Methodist and Life in Christ. He is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, retreats, and other events.