Celebrate Wonder All Ages Fall 2023 Kit

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Celebrate Wonder All Ages Fall 2023 Kit
Kit ISBN: 9781791028855
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Published July 2023

Empower your ministry with a flexible multi-age children’s curriculum.

Discover the power of a flexible children’s curriculum that effortlessly transforms your ministry with children and families. The curriculum is adaptable for different scenarios, whether you have a combined age group or divided by age. It offers memorable experiences, spiritual practices, and opportunities to deepen relationships with God and each other. Interactive stories, videos, fun activities, reproducible pages, and Take-Home Activity Sheets make learning a joy while helping children relate faith and Bible stories to their everyday lives.

The curriculum consists of 13 engaging sessions per quarter from preschool to preteen. With Celebrate Wonder All Ages, you’ll create an enriching environment where children can explore their faith and integrate it into their daily lives.

This all-ages kit contains one each of the following:
- DVD (New! Trivia Videos - Kids will love the new and engaging additional videos for each session!)
- Leader Guide (Updated format - makes it easier than ever for any volunteer to teach!)
- Reproducible Kids’ Book (96 pages of activities tailored to each session throughout the quarter—from Bible storytelling videos and life application to coloring pages to creative writing prompts, this resource leads kids to a deeper understanding of each Bible lesson)
- Class Pack (with colorful, easy-to-use posters to reinforce the Bible story, plus storytelling helps, an attendance chart, and more!)
- CD-ROM (with digital copies of the Leader Guide, Reproducible Kids’ Book, and Class Pack)
- And a sample of a Take-Home Activity Sheets for the two age groups

Additional copies of the Leader Guide and DVD are available separately, enabling each teacher/class to have a copy.

Additional information about Celebrate Wonder All Ages, Fall 2023
Unit 1
Bible Focus Verse: Genesis 1:12c
Spiritual Practice: Exploring creation through beauty.
Unit Verses: Genesis 1:1-19 | Genesis 1:20-25 | Genesis 1:26–2:4 | Genesis 2:10-23

Unit 2
Bible Focus Verse: Genesis 21:1
Spiritual Practice: Exploring faith through God’s promises.
Unit Verses: Genesis 12:1-9 | Genesis 15:1-6 | Genesis 18:1-14 | Genesis 21:1-7 | Genesis 25:19-28

Unit 3
Bible Focus Verse: Genesis 28:15
Spiritual Practice: Exploring guidance through study.
Unit Verses: Genesis 25:29-34 | Genesis 27:1-45 | Genesis 28:10-22 | Isaiah 11:6-9

Other Celebrate Wonder All Ages components, sold separately, include Leader Guide and DVD.