The Gospel of Promised Blessings

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Published April 2024

Explore the tenderness and the tensions in the teachings of Jesus.

The Gospel of Matthew portrays Jesus and his message as full of tender compassion and urgent warning. This six-part exploration of an enigmatic Gospel takes readers into the themes, topics, and tensions at the heart of Matthew's story about the life and work of Jesus. Chapters focus on blessing and comfort, judgment and retribution, the meaning of discipleship, Jesus’ vision for the Church and world, conflicts and complaints, and how the Gospel of Matthew speaks to believers today.

The book can be read alone or used by small groups anytime throughout the year. Components include video teaching sessions featuring Matthew Skinner and a comprehensive Leader Guide.


About the Author

Prof. Matthew L. Skinner

Matthew L. Skinner is the Asher O. and Carrie Nasby Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul and the Scholar for Adult Education at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis. His published works include resources for church leaders and laypeople who are interested in the Bible’s connections to faith and life. He is the author of?Matthew: The Gospel of Promised Blessings and Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit?and is a longtime cohost of Sermon Brainwave, a weekly podcast that accompanies preachers as they interpret biblical texts to prepare their sermons.