Everywhere Is Jerusalem

Experiencing the Holy Then and Now

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Everywhere Is Jerusalem
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Published August 2024

Location matters.

Christianity isn’t a batch of spiritual thoughts or metaphysical truths. It’s a journey of real people with their feet on the ground in real places. In Everywhere Is Jerusalem, James Howell takes you on a spiritual pilgrimage to significant places in the ongoing story of the Christian faith. You’ll go from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, from the Jordan River to Assisi, and from the Sea of Galilee to Montgomery, Alabama. Along the way, you’ll discover the profound connections between biblical stories and the places they happened. You’ll see how Christians throughout history have brought their faith to life worldwide, in their own cities and communities. And you’ll find God calling you to bring your own faith to life right where you are, right now.

Part travelogue, part Bible study, this book will take you on a spiritual journey to the places that are most important in our faith, and you’ll discover that the most important place of all is the place where you are, right now.

Other study components include a Leader Guide and video available on DVD.


About the Author

Rev. James C. Howell

James C. Howell is the senior pastor of Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC, and the author of more than 20 books, including Weak Enough to Lead, Conversations with St. Francis, The Life We Claim, and The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray. His podcast, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” blogs, and retreats are popular, as are his work on leadership and community activism.