Who We Are and What We Believe Companion Reader

50 Questions about the UMC

Who We Are and What We Believe Companion Reader [EPUB]
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Published April 2024

Discover what sets United Methodism apart.

In this book, Laceye C. Warner invites you to a richer understanding of Wesleyan Christianity so you can have a clear sense of identity, better express your own beliefs, and deepen your connection with the United Methodist Church. She introduces you to important values and characteristics that make the Wesleyan way distinctive, including emphasizing God’s grace for all and sanctification as tangible transformation in your life, your community, and all creation. You’ll see how the United Methodist Church today is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition and a legacy of care, compassion, and active response to injustice in the world. And you’ll find that Christian faith in the Wesleyan tradition holds together personal faith and community life, along with a commitment to justice through ministry and service. Pick up this book and study it with your small group, and discover a way of being Christian that fills you with joy, moves you to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, and spurs you to live with compassion and grace.

The study will explore:
- Missional roots and grace as God’s love for all creation (what we believe)
- Means of grace and the role of good works (what we practice)
- Connectional (social aspect of discipleship and church structure)
- Texts that shape us (Bible, hymnal, worship, and other well-known foundational texts)
- Active participation in God’s justice (advocacy and justice)
- Looking to the future (fresh expressions, digital, future of Methodism)

This simple, shareable, small book of common questions with references to go deeper is a wonderful companion to the book, Knowing Who We Are. Components include a book, a comprehensive Leader Guide, and video teaching sessions featuring Laceye Warner (with closed captioning), making this perfect as a group study throughout the year.

About the Author

Prof. Laceye C. Warner

Rev. Laceye C. Warner, PhD is Royce and Jane Reynolds, Associate Professor of the Practice of Evangelism and Methodist Studies and Associate Dean for Wesleyan Engagement at Duke University Divinity School. An elder in the Texas Conference, Dr. Warner was appointed to the faculty at Duke Divinity School in 2001. She is the author of several books including Knowing Who We Are; The Method of Our Mission: United Methodist Polity and Organization, and a contributing editor to the Wesley Study Bible. Dr. Warner enjoys living on a flower farm with her family and many of God’s creatures.