Strength Training for a Fit Church

Five Muscles for Adaptive Ministry

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Strength Training for a Fit Church
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Published January 2025

Equip Yourself for Adaptive Ministry

Developed by the Texas Methodist Foundation, Strength Training for a Fit Church helps church leaders, and their congregations identify and strengthen five crucial skills that will enable them to thrive now and in the future. If churches continually exercise these strengths, they will be adaptable, responsive, and ready to follow God now and into the future.

The five strengths are:
Grieving Well
Discerning Purpose
Walking Alongside
Distributing Power
Expanding Imagination.

The authors, Lisa Greenwood and Blair Thompson, have developed and shared the Five Muscles model through presentations, podcasts, and articles and taught it through church cohorts.

Strength Training for a Fit Church is for leaders, while Strength Training for Faith is for each person in the congregation.

About the Authors

Lisa Greenwood

Rev. Lisa Greenwood is president and CEO of Wesleyan Impact Partners and Texas Methodist Foundation, nonprofit organizations dedicated to strengthening the church’s mission through investing, lending, philanthropy, and missionally-driven innovation. For over thirty years, Lisa has been a change-maker within ministry and faith communities, empowering leaders through learning and innovation and driving congregational strength. She is the co-creator and host of the Igniting Imagination podcast and holds a deep conviction that the Holy Spirit is moving in the world, and our calling is to pay attention and join that good work.

Blair Thompson

Rev. Dr. Blair Thompson is Chief Learning and Innovation Officer for Wesleyan Impact Partners and Texas Methodist Foundation, where she and her team connect leaders in brave conversations that create enduring relationships of courage, learning, and innovation to build a better, more loving, and grace-filled world. Blair’s dissertation on the role of pilgrimage in the formation of leaders for the church has guided her facilitation of cohort experiences that inspire holy friendships and create space for the Spirit to ignite the imagination. Blair is passionate about the role the values of Wesleyanism can play in human flourishing and wants the church to stand to its full height and witness for her daughter’s generation and beyond.