Perfectly Flawed Women's Bible Study DVD

God Transforms Our Weaknesses into Strengths (A Women’s Bible Study on the Life of Peter)

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Perfectly Flawed Women's Bible Study DVD
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Published January 2025

We are all flawed, but God can turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Join Lisa Toney and dive into the transformative journey of Peter, the apostle whose fiery passion and undeniable imperfections make him one of the Bible’s most loved and relatable people. These 20-minute teaching sessions are available on DVD.

The video supports the six-week women’s Bible study, Perfectly Flawed, where Lisa Toney follows Peter through his time with Jesus, from the beginning of Jesus’s ministry to the Resurrection, and through Pentecost, where Peter begins to live into his call. Along the way, discover the raw honesty of a man who veered from staunch devotion to moments of doubt, mirroring our own human struggles.

In the six-week Bible study Perfectly Flawed, we see that there is an unparalleled power Jesus gives that can only be found in our weakness. We discover the strength of Jesus that is available to each of us. Learn to persevere in your faith, live confidently, and boldly step into God’s purpose for you. See how Peter’s story is an invitation to embrace imperfection, find strength in the relentless grace of God, and discover how each one of us is perfectly flawed but still deeply loved by God.

Other components for the Bible study include a Participant Workbook with daily readings and a six-session Leader Guide.

About the Author

Lisa Toney

Lisa Toney loves to speak and write about ways to build easy, intentional, and powerful faith habits to live for Jesus. As a professor of spiritual formation at Hope International University, diving into “why this is helpful for one’s life” is right up her alley. For over twenty years as a full-time pastor, she’s listened, learned, taught, and served side-by-side with the church. Her company, Faith Habits, provides classes, coaching, and media to encourage engagement with God. She has a degree in communications from Taylor University and an M.Div from Fuller Theological Seminary. Lisa speaks at events nationwide such as Women of Faith and the Aspire Women’s Events. She is the author of Thrive: Live Like You Matter, The Scripture Challenge, The Wholehearted Psalms Devotion series, and Perfectly Flawed: God Transforms Our Weaknesses into Strengths.

Lisa lives in Southern California with her husband, four kids, a puppy, a gecko, and five chickens. She loves to take groups to the Bible lands (Israel, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and other destinations) with and walk where the unstoppable, incomparable, life-changing movement of Jesus began.